Crafers Building Design is the highest building design office in Adelaide. From here it feels like being a million miles away, but we are just a few minutes from the city. We are centrally located between Goolwa and Gawler and service all suburbs and townships in between.

Born in California I discovered architecture at Beverly Hills High School and pursued my interest at Santa Monica College and the Southern California Institute of Architecture. During that time I was also passionate about solar energy and more efficient forms of architectural design.



In 1986 I moved to Australia and married my wife Joy before becoming an Aussie citizen. While earning my Advanced Certificate in Building I became the first student member to be accepted into the Building Designers Association. By 1991 we designed and started to build our new home here in Crafers. By the time the house was finished I found myself in business. That was how Crafers Building Design was born and its been growing ever since.



Building our house wasn’t easy. After the council planning department granted us permission to build, the CFS decided that the site was too dangerous. After we prepared our case and presented it to a special council meeting, we won by just one vote. The experience taught me a lot about dealing with  councils, but fortunately, things have improved since then, though bushfire regulations are far more stringent and for good reason.



Building in the Adelaide Hills is significantly different than building on the plains where sites are mostly flat and square. Easy. Not so in the Hills where every site is unique and presents it own particular challenges, but its worth it.

Building a new home or addition and be a daunting experience, especially for the uninitiated. It’s easy to get ripped off out there and I’ve met many people who wasted small fortunes on things they didn’t need, didn’t want or didn’t ask for.

My job is to save you time, money and hassle while designing your project the way you want.

When Crafers Building Design first began, everything was drawn by hand on a drafting board, like the one in my office on the left. Today everything is drawn by computer.

One advantage of computer drafting is that we can design your project together here in the office. That way I can ask you questions and offer advice while you make the final decisions.