Welcome to Crafers Building Design

 Since 1992 Crafers Building Design has been designing and drafting plans for council planning and building approval throughout the Adelaide Hills and city suburbs.

At Crafers Building Design we design what you want the way you want it. We offer you professional advice and over 27 years of experience, but you make the final decisions as you approve your plans as they progress to completion. We make life easy by organizing everything you need to get council planning and building approval. That includes the engineering construction footing report, contour plan if the house is on a sloping site and 6-star energy efficiency certification.

We are also committed to saving you money. Speak to us before you start because we may be able to save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses. At Crafers Building Design, we are on your side.


If you have any questions, call us at (08) 8339-3477 or email us at


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A common question is often asked is what is the difference between an Architect and a Building Designer? One answer is the price. Most architects charge a percentage of the total cost of your project, usually between 8 to 15 %. That means if your project costs $250,000 to build and the architect’s percentage is 10%, the architect’s fee will be about $25,000. In contrast, a Building Designer such as myself charges an hourly rate of $65 per hour +GST. On average the total cost to produce a similar set of plans for the same home, ready for full council planning and building approval, is less than $5000.


That $5000 does not include the engineer, contour plan (if on a sloping site), or 6-star energy report. On average, the cost of most of my projects ranges from $1500 to $2500 for a new house, $1500 to $2500 for most additions and $600 to $1500 for most decks, pergolas, and garages. For these projects, the cost for a soil test and engineer’s footing report is around $1000 depending on complexity. A contour plan also costs about $1000 depending on the area of the site and a 6-star energy report usually costs around $250. It’s easy to spend a lot more than this, but at Crafers Building Design we try to save you money. We also save you a lot of time and hassle because we can organize all the above for you. If any of these services are required, we get a quote first for your approval before any work begins.


Another difference between an Architect and a Building Designer is that an Architect often supervises the entire project. My job is to produce a set of plans only, plans that you and the council have approved. You then have the freedom to take those plans to as many builders as you want and get as many quotes as you want.  If you wish we can get a preliminary building quote before the plans are done to make sure you are within budget. Even though I do not supervise the project like an Architect, Crafers Building Design is still there with you during the construction process if you have any problems or questions. One reason why we’ve been in business in the same place for the past 27 years comes down to two words, Customer Service.


Lastly, there is a difference between an Architect, Building Designer and a Draftsman, or Draftsperson. Some of the best Draftsmen I ever worked with were Draftswomen. Draftspersons, or simply just Drafters usually draws or drafts according to what the Architect or Building Designer specifies.  Drafting used to be done by hand on a drafting board, but now everything is done on a computer using CAD drafting software such as AutoCAD. I’m both a Draftsman and a Building Designer so with computer technology we can sit down here in the office and we can begin designing your project together. By the end of the meeting, I can print off the preliminary drawing for you to take home before you approve the plans.